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How Does Search Engine Optimisation Work?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the practice of optimising your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves a variety of strategies and techniques that aim to improve the visibility and credibility of your website. At its core, SEO works by analysing how search engines like Google understand and rank your website, then optimising your website’s content, structure, and other factors to meet these criteria and earn higher rankings.

It's not just about trying to rank your website as high as possible. It's about finding keywords that have optimal search volume, that are worth investing into.

Our SEO services include a comprehensive analysis of your website’s current performance, as well as a customised strategy for improving its rankings. We’ll work with you to identify the keywords and phrases that are most relevant to your business, and then optimise your website’s content to target those keywords effectively.

We’ll also analyse your website’s structure and technical factors, such as site speed and mobile-friendliness, to ensure that it meets the criteria that search engines use to rank websites.

Example keyword report we provide in your strategy.

Keyword Research

First things first – You need to know what key phrases you want to rank for and if those key phrases are worth targeting. Factors to consider include: search volume, competitors, resource requirements and estimated timeline to rank on the first page.

Google AdWords provides a FREE keyword research tool which will show you search volume and competition. We recommend to start with this so you know what’s worth targeting and what isn’t.


Website Optimisation

Now you know your key-phrases, it’s time to optimise the website. This includes optimising your content to ensure your keyword in dense on the page, but within reason. Now you want to optimise your pages meta data and h1-h6 titles to ensure the keyword is present.

Note: Do not ignore page speed! This is a massive factor to your ranking potential, for both desktop and mobile. You can use Google’s free website speed tester online – simply Google ” Website speed test” and it will come up.


Off-site Optimisation

Once the website is optimised you now need to work on building domain strength, also known as domain authority. This is created by building back-links, microblogging, social bookmarking, article writing, directory submissions and more.

For most people the best thing you can do is ensure you have social media setup, list your business on as many business directories as you can and don’t be afraid to start a blog on your website – it’s super easy!


Continued Management

This is where you may need some assistance, as key phrases with higher competition usually require a more in-depth SEO strategy.

Good quality backlinks are also not easy to come by, which is why SEO is an ongoing effort. You can lose good quality backlinks just as quick as finding them, so you need to stay on top of this. We highly recommend to use a service like ours for this, especially if competition is present.


Why choose Goober for your SEO?

There’s nothing worse than being locked into a 6-24 month contract without knowing if you’re going to get results or not. With all of the big company “gurus” out there it’s hard to decide who you can trust and who is focused more on building their wallets than they are your rankings. That’s exactly why we’ve scrapped the lock-in periods and work on a simple month to month basis. We want to earn your trust, every month.

We're about results

We get it, there's a thousand other SEO agencies out there that talk a good game, but we're more focused on getting the job done and backing our work with results you can see. Our focus is to create high-performing SEO campaigns that boost your bottom line and help your business achieve success beyond your highest expectations.

We put in the research

The first step to any campaign is finding good quality keywords that are worth targeting. From we analyse the search volume and competition to see what keywords that are cost effective and will consistently generate traffic for your website.

Trust is everything

We believe there is no trust without transparency. You should know the game plan from the get-go and should know exactly where your money is going. This is why we provide detailed reports, performance stats, current vs projected results and we are in contact with you every step of the way.

Setup for success

After we've concluded on the keywords that are going to work best for your campaign, we will look into the competition on the first page to see who we're up against. This also provides us with an accurate timeline for surpassing the competitors and of course an accurate cost to achieve these results.

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