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Website Speed Optimisation Package


Your websites speed plays one of the biggest roles in the success of your marketing and SEO. If your website is running slow or has poor performance, you’re losing potential customers and chances are your SEO is also taking a big hit.

We can optimise your site speed using a number of proven methods that don’t compromise the structure of your website, content or quality of images. Not only do we want to improve your site speed, but we also look at optimising your SEO which directly correlates with the speed of your website.

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What else is included

What does this package include?

  • Provide a detailed report on your current site performance
  • Provide a report on both desktop and mobile versions
  • Performance plugins installed and configured
  • Image compression and resizing all images
  • Optimisation of site code (CSS, HTML, JS)
  • Compression of site and page code
  • Analysis of plugins and un-used plugins
  • Deferring render blocking resources
  • Setup browser and dynamic caching
  • Choose what resources load on each page
  • Generating WebP Images (new generation)
  • Lazy Load media for faster page load
  • Provide a detailed report on completion to showcase results

Does website speed effect my SEO? – Yes most definitely!! You could have a beautiful looking website with all the content, keywords and pages that you could dream of, but if it runs slow or clunky then Google negatively ranks your website by favouring faster loading websites. Googles latest updates are now focusing more on usability and user-friendly structure as opposed to keyword density, hence speed is almost more important than the content itself.

What is included in my detailed report? – Before we begin our optimisation tasks we will provide you with a detailed report which will show you the current statistics of your site. This report includes:

  • Website page speed analysis – eg. loads in 1.3 seconds
  • Overall performance rating out of 100%
  • Structure and content rating out of 100%
  • What exactly is causing negative loading demands (ie. images, code .. ect)
  • Total page size and total page requests on loading
  • TBT indication (if scripts/plugins cause negative loading demanads)
  • CLS indication (how much your layout shifts during initial site load)
  • Our recommendations and strategy to improve the above

What if you’re unable to improve my site speed? – In the rare scenario where a website may not be able to be optimised, we will provide a full refund and a free report on what is causing the problems. This scenario will usually only occur if there are too many plugins on the website, built-in theme features which are being used and cannot be turned off, server complications like bad hosting datacentres or viruses causing heavy loading demands.

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