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Facebook & Instagram Business Page Setup


In this day and age it’s a no brainer to have a social media presence for your business. But, it’s also not just about setting up a half-done Facebook page, it’s about doing things properly to ensure your branding ties in with all your online platforms. After all, most people visit your socials before contacting you, so if it’s not done properly then you could be potentially losing customers. To find out more about what this package includes, please scroll down.

What else is included

Enhance your online presence with our Facebook and Instagram setup package, meticulously crafted to boost your business visibility and engagement.


Facebook Page Setup:

  • Creation of Your Facebook Business Page: We’ll set up your Facebook Business page, ensuring it’s optimized in every aspect.
  • Complete Contact Information: We’ll add essential contact details like phone number, email, location, website, and opening hours.
  • Categories Setup: Strategically setting up categories to enhance searchability and visibility on Google.
  • Compelling Business Description: Crafting a captivating business description with engaging content to attract your audience.
  • Strategically Placed Call-to-Action Buttons: Implementing effective call-to-action buttons such as Contact Us, Learn More, and Message.
  • Messenger Welcome Popup and Auto Responders: Automatically welcoming users and setting up auto responders to improve engagement.
  • Profile Picture and Cover Photo Setup: Adding eye-catching visuals to your page, including a custom cover photo graphic at no extra cost.
  • First Welcome Post: Creating and posting your first welcome message to greet visitors and introduce your brand.
  • Instagram Linking: Connecting your Facebook page to your Instagram account for seamless integration.
  • Bonus Resources: Access to valuable resources on Facebook usage and audience building.


Instagram Page Setup:

  • Instagram Business Page Creation: Establishing your Instagram business page to enhance your online presence.
  • Contact Information Addition: Adding essential contact details like phone, email, and website URL.
  • Profile Picture Optimization: Ensuring your profile picture fits perfectly and matches your brand identity.
  • Custom Description: Crafting a customized description with engaging content to reflect your brand’s personality.
  • Initial Welcome Post: Posting an initial welcome message to engage with your audience from the start.
  • Facebook Linking: Linking your Instagram page to your Facebook account for enhanced connectivity.
  • Bonus Resources: Access to useful resources on Instagram usage and page development.


With our comprehensive setup, your Facebook and Instagram pages will make a strong, positive first impression and effectively showcase your brand to your target audience. Let us help you elevate your online presence and drive engagement with our tailored setup package.

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