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Social Media Marketing Strategies

So, you've started a new Facebook profile and you want to know the best ways to market you're amazing product or service... Well, before you throw away your first $100 on a post and hope it works, there's a few things to take into consideration first.

What kind of marketing Strategy will work for you?

There are 2 kinds of strategies that are commonly used throughout the social media community, which each have their own benefits and purposes. These strategies are called direct and indirect marketing, so let me give you some insight on how they work and the pros/cons to each one.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing on Facebook or any Social platform is a great way to sell a product or service to potential customers through unique, responsive and eye catching posts. Remember, when you're setting up a paid post, it needs to have the correct targeting settings that are tailored to your audience, otherwise the advertisement will show to unqualified leads and waste a huge portion of your budget.

Here's how you would utilise direct marketing:

For this kind of strategy you would design a display post or text ad that offers some sort of incentive for customers to buy into your service or product. Some examples of direct marketing include things like discounts, offers, package deals or even to follow your page.

Pros: You can easily promote your goods or services to a targeted audience.

Cons: You're limited by your budget and there's no guarantee on a return.

Indirect Marketing

This strategy is one of the least used strategies, but it has the highest return in investment if setup correctly... It's just, people don't know how to do it or are scared to give it a try. Indirect marketing is something that can be used for many purposes, but the main ones are to help a page build its social following, create more website traffic or sell a unique product.

Here's how you would utilise indirect marketing:

Instead of explaining it step by step, let me give you an example. Imagine a pet store selling pet collars... They could put up a post of a tracking collar and say "25% off today only!". Yes, this kind of post may get a few views and generate a couple of sales, but really it's nothing too special. Now remember, this kind of post is direct marketing and is limited by the pet stores budget, so they won't really get anything more then what they paid for.

On the other hand, what if they put up a cool, fun 3 minute video of a really cute cat playing around wearing the collar and it happens to get lost, which of course is later found by using the unique tracking collar. Without directly marketing the collar itself and going into discounts, offers or how great the collar is, pet owners will still see it and say "That's a cool collar, where do i get one?". Other people may just see a cute cat video and share it with friends and family, thus exposing the the video to a huge audience and creating a viral effect.

The best way to actually use this strategy is through influencer marketing, and utilising videos that showcase the product in the background, but keeping the main focus on the best part... The cute kitty!

Why this is the best strategy:

Think about this, if you see an obvious advertisement of a product posted by a business page, you're not going to share it are you? What if you saw a really unique video of something that's completely different or maybe a super cute kitty video posted by a largely followed page, you're more likely to tag your spouse, friends or family in it, right?

This is exactly what you want with indirect marketing, for people to see it as a unique or cool video. Of course you're still going to have the product being used in the video, but this will cover both potential buyers and also people who will want to share it with everyone.


As you can see, indirect marketing combined with influencer posting is a massive advantage to any business marketing goal. Yes, directly marketing a product or service is a great way for selling a quick promotion or offer, but you're limited by the budget and don't really get anything more or less.

Whereas indirectly marketing a product or service will give you unlimited potential, possibly exposing it to MILLIONS of viewers across the world, building not only your social following, but increasing total sales by thousands.

If you're looking for some more information on how to correctly setup either an indrect or direct marketing strategy, our friendly Goobers would be more then happy to help. Please visit and send us an enquiry to find out more.


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